OK, I just finished this painting yesterday. It’s about 46”x36” acrylic on maple panel, and It doesn’t have a title yet (any suggestions? I’d love to hear your ideas!) It’s a painting of my 2 year old daughter growing out of a fungus with insects all around her and a geode in her stomach. As the painting has evolved over the last several weeks it has been interesting to watch her reaction to it. She keeps feeling around in her hair expecting to touch velvety wings, and that her belly is full of crystals, which she calls “Broken Belly”.

This painting (among the others that I have been showing here on Tumblr) are slated to show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in NY October-Nov. If you’d like you can shoot me an email to be placed on the list Or to see more paintings like this please visit

Thank you!

- Tiffany